Eample Itinerary:

9:00 to 9:30 am -Arrival

Children must remain on the buses until all buses are parked and cleared for unloading by your designated person in charge.

Parents and siblings must have prepaid with the group and arrive at the same time- carpool is encouraged for parents due to overcrowding the parking lot.

Parents and siblings who do not pre-pay must bring cash.

Please divided your students into small groups with an adult leader.

Discuss these basic rules with your students and make sure they understand:

   Do not climb on the fences.

   Do not break the bamboo.

   If you feed any of the animals that come to the fence be sure to hold your

   hand out flat, palm up or toss the food into the fence area. 

   Feed at your own risk.

   Do not tease, scream at or hit the animals. 

   Do not litter.

   Everything can bite- use good judgment.

   Stay with your group and leader at all times.

Your groups will walk at their own pace on the pathways and possibly go in different directions to avoid crowding.

We encourage students to bring their cell phone and tablets (no drones) to scan our Q reader cards and watch the videos about our animals.  These  awesome videos were created by North Hall Middle School E2 7th grade.

​Photographs are encouraged!

11:00 am Lunch- Meet at large pavilion or designated lunch area. Please make sure all trash, especially plastic straw covers are put in the trash cans. 

Plastic is deadly to animals!

11:30 am Private Small Animal Encounter- optional for your group and an additional $100.  Students and teachers love the Private Small Animal Show  because they can touch the animals and ask questions directly to the lead zookeepers.

Animals may vary according to the weather and are a great surprise for everyone! (Please let our zoo keepers know your quiet signal and who is in charge of quieting the group.)

This is just an example and we will do everything possible to accommodate you and your students! 

We are a non-profit and run by volunteers!

​​​​​​​Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, Inc. is a 

501 (c) 3 Georgia Non-profit corporation 

licensed USDA / Georgia DNR facility

established in 1992.

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Group Reservation Form

​​​​​​​Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, Inc. is a 

501 (c) 3 Georgia Non-profit corporation 

licensed USDA / Georgia DNR facility

established in 1992.

All groups are welcome and we have plenty of room for buses- large paved parking lot!

​​School field trips                   Church Groups

Mom groups                          Summer Camps

Vacation Bible Schools         Civic Organizations

Home School Groups...

School Field Trips & Groups

Special rates for groups of 25 or more only $5.00 per guest!

This rate is only available Monday through Friday and must be paid in one lump sum for all guests.​​​​  If your school or group cannot collect for parents please instruct parents to bring cash for admission. 

​​Please complete the reservation form and

click "submit" to schedule a field trip or group visit!

​All reservations must be made with this form otherwise we cannot confirm your reservation.

Chestatee Wildlfie Preserve, Inc is not responsible for any bites or injury that occur while visiting our location and the animals. Pet and feed at your own risk.